The Schutzstaffel ( "Protection Squadron")

The SchutzStaffel or SS was formed in April 1925 as a section of the SA and functioned as a personal bodyguard for the NSDAP leader, Adolf Hitler. The SS was considered to be an elite force and membership was restricted to those who were pure Aryan Germans. On 6th January 1929 Heinrich Himmler was appointed leader of the SchutzStaffel. Himmler was an ambitious man and set about building up membership of the SS. responsible on the infamous Holocaust until 1945 the SS got disbanded most of the SS members and it.s leaders had held responsible on the atrocities and been executed on Nuremburg.

In the Anime

In Episode 11 The SS been appear to hunt down the Survivng Eylsdat Forces and Izetta when Arnold Berkman alongside with them as he awares on Emperor Otto's plan to kill him. as they found the hidden bunker the SS are starting to murder any Eylsdat Soldiers to forced Finé out and having her as a hostage until Izetta foiled them by telekinetically ripping apart the bunker to batter her foes with a storm of stones.