Eylstadt ({{{2}}}?)is a small European country located in the Alps, to the east of the country of Westria. During the Second World War, Eylstadt was invaded by the Germanian Empire in 1940, following the Empire's conquests of Livonia and Thermidor.


Eylstadt is completely landlocked, bordering Westria on the west, Germania to the north, Romulus to the south, and an unspecified country to the east. The entire country appears to be covered by Alps, with many snowcapped peaks likely reaching over 3000 meters in elevation, with most of the population being located in the valleys. Mountain passes provide some of the only routes through the mountains, and thus are considered some of the most strategic areas, often protected by fortresses such as Coenenberg. The capital city, Landsbruck, is located in a major valley.

Elystadt appears to be based on the real-world Austrian regions of Tyrol and Vorarlberg.


While few specific details have been revealed about the history of Eylstadt, the country has numerous historic structures and cities dating back to the middle ages, and it is implied that Eylstadt has been independent since that period. At some point during the history of Eylstadt, the legendary figure of the White Witch is said to have intervened in a war, preserving the independence of the country. At some point in the country's history, the capital was moved from an older city to the present location in Landsbruck. During World War II, the principality became a target for the growing Germanian Empire. The Germanians initially scored easy victories. However, they were defeated at the Battle of Coenenberg in large part by Izetta. After the victory, Izetta was used as both a powerful weapon and for propaganda purposes.


The Principality of Eylstadt is some sort of presumably constitutional monarchy, though of the type in which the Archduke still hold substantial amounts of political power. Few other details of the government of Eylstadt have been revealed in the story.


Eylstadt is known to have a considerable industrial base, centered around the manufacturing of precision machinery. One such company, the Einberger Corporation, recently received a proposal to relocate to Britannia, however, they declined.


TheThe military has two main branches; the regular Army and the Air Force.

The Eylstadt Army is not particularly large, and is largely equipped with weapons of First World War vintage. Soldiers of the army wear light blue-colored uniforms, and military vehicles and aircraft are painted a similar colour.

The Eylstadt Air Force possesses some more modern fighter aircraft, but they are woefullly outnumbered by the Germanian.

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